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I am not anti-religion by any means. Some people are religious and some people aren’t and that’s all fine by me. I don’t mind listening to what people have to say about their beliefs, either. I like hearing different views and opinions. That’s cool. I can respect that.

It doesn’t bother me until listening to someone’s beliefs turns into being patronized. To suggest that my lack of familiarity with your religion somehow negates my intelligence is nothing short of offensive. Do not treat me as your inferior if you want me to hear you out and respect your opinions. Imply that my life is unfulfilled, that I’m lacking in depth, or that my education is worthless simply because I am not religious or because my beliefs are different than yours, and I will stop listening.

If I’m being polite and open-minded enough to listen to what you have to say, don’t insult me by suggesting that I’m living my life all wrong. I am a human being, not a sheep. You don’t need to guide me back to the flock.